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    Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate!     

Private Catering-     $4.9/Person

'All You Can Drink' Dripulator Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate for duration of pizza buffet 

Hot/Cold Drinks Only

Staffed drinks station available to hire for- business meetings, sporting groups or public & private events. 


Coffee                    $4

 Tea                      $3.5

 Hot Chocolate            $3.5

 Chai                     $3.5

Mocca                     $4.5


Coke                      $3

Coke no sugar             $3


 Water                    $2.5

Wild One-                 $5.5

Pink Grapefruit

Sparkling Apple

Ginger Beer

Lemon, Lime & Bitters

Labour at min. 3 hours    $POA/hour

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ABOUT OUR SUPPLIER- Coffee has been roasted using wood for hundreds of years. Current coffee industry standards use petroleum products as the heat source for roasting. This is no doubt more convenient, however the cost to our environment is heavy.  Gas is now the most common fuel used.  Roasting with wood is now unique.

Gas results in a wet heat that imparts a flavour that can be tasted.  Wood creates a natural dry heat, enhancing the flavours within the beans. The result is a less acidic, smoother, mellow taste, yielding more crema, with a deep, earthy flavour. We use well aged Australian Redgum. Our custom modified, traditional, old world cast iron Turkish drum roaster has been fitted with a combustion wood stove based on the ‘rocket stove’ design. The wood is burned hard and fast, creating just the right heat required using only a small amount of wood, with an innovative bypass design allowing highly accurate temperature control of the roast. We are able to achieve a consistent roast, and have the flexibility to roast according to taste.

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